Jaggy Battles Beta Build 8

0.8 [15.07.2016]


  • Dropped items are now thrown to the nearest free tile and can be picked up again.
  • Items are no longer purchasable through the Shop and have been replaced with Blessings.
  • Blessings give persistent bonuses to the player when purchased with Gold.

The current Blessings in the game are:

  • Underdog
    • While you have less than 50% health, deal 30% more damage.
  • Contagious
    • When you are debuffed (Burn, Slow, Stun), apply that debuff to your attacker.
  • Defiler
    • Whenever you apply a Debuff to a unit, gain 10% health.
  • Thrill Seeker
    • While you are below 30% health, gain double Gold.
  • Hoarder
    • Your maximum Shard count is 10 instead of 5.
  • Transmute Item: Gold
    • Whenever you drop an item, destroy it and gain Gold.
  • Transmute Item: Shard
    • Whenever you drop an item, destroy it and gain a Shard.
  • Transmute Item: Detonation
    • Whenever you drop an item, destroy it and deal heavy damage to nearby units.
  • Overcharge – Dexterity
    • If you have maximum Shards, begin your turn with 3AP.
  • Overcharge – Quickness
    • If you have 2AP or more, gain +1 to Movement.
  • Overcharge: Vicious
    • If you have 2 AP or more, you have a 100% chance to critical hit.
  • Leader
    • If you have a full team, deal 30% more damage.
  • Commander
    • Your maximum team count is 4 instead of 3.
  • Sadist
    • Whenever an Ally dies, heal 30% life.
  • Coordinator
    • Other friendly units gain +1 Movement.
  • Time Walker
    • Your movement Skill can be used as many times as you want but it still costs AP.
  • Bloodlusty
    • Whenever an enemy dies you have a 15% chance to reset your Skills and gain full AP.


  • New Knight Skill: Vengeful Spirit. If you destroy an enemy by passing through them, gain +1 AP and reset Lance.


  • Monsters are now able to drop random items for the player to pick up.
  • Spider
    • Web Wrap changed to 1 range instead of 2.


  • Small Health Potion now heals 60% of maximum health instead of 50%.

Bug Fixes

  • Dropped items should now be cleared up when a new Stage begins.
  • Experimental Potion now costs 50 Gems instead of 0.

0.8.1 [30.07.2016]


  • File size has been reduced by about 15mb.
  • The maximum Shards is now 3 instead of 5.
  • The player starts with 1 Shard instead of 2.
  • Custom assets have been added to the classes.
  • Shop assets have been updated slightly.
  • Chests have a 30% chance to spawn an item when looted.
  • Bosses now always drop a chest.


  • Cornered
    • Deal 10% more damage for each enemy next to you.


  • New Passive: Pyromania
    • Gain +3% chance to critical every time you Burn a target. This is reset when a critical strike occurs.


  • Several purchasable items have been removed.
  • Cost to purchase items has increased.
  • Portals can no longer be dropped from enemies.
  • Item Recycler: Now costs 1 Shard instead of 3 and doesn’t destroy itself.


  • Hoarder upgrades maximum Shard count to 5 instead of 10.
  • Underdog: Deal 30% more damage when below 30% health instead of 50% health.

Bug Fixes

  • Spiders and Bees now throw their items correctly.
  • Tome of Retraining now resets the hero’s stats correctly.
  • Tome of Retraining now resets Knight Skills.
  • Bosses and summoned units no longer drop items.
  • Overcharge: Vicious now correctly triggers a critical hit at 2 AP.

0.8.2 [18.08.2016]


  • Updated item and class select screen.
  • Players now start with 50 Gems.


  • Tweaked item Gem costs and item order.
  • Portals are no longer unlocked by default.
  • Matter Switcher now costs 75 Gems.
  • Experimental Potion now costs 75 Gems.
  • Unstable Portal now costs 75 Gems.
  • Cursed Amulet now costs 50 Gems.
  • Shiny Mirror now coasts 75 Gems.
  • Shiny Mirror no longer requires a Shard.
  • Experimental Potion no longer requires a Shard.

Bug Fixes

  • Vengeful Spirit now properly refunds AP at maximum AP.

Jaggy Battles Beta Build 7

0.7.1 [07.07.2016]


  • Added ability to purchase locked items with Gems.
  • Gems can be earned by finishing an arena run.
  • The desktop build runs in full screen by default. It can be toggled in the Options Menu.
  • Webbed units are only wrapped for 2 turns instead of 4.
  • Removed tutorial from the Options Menu.
  • Added a custom mouse pointer for the desktop build.


  • Healing from Pummel has been reduced.
  • Brawl also gives allies +1 AP.


  • New Pickup Item dropped from Spiders: Sharp Fang
    • Remove the Web from your self if you are Webbed or from another Ally if you are not.
  • New Pickup Item dropped from BeesHoney
    • Heal 40% of an Ally’s Health and remove Burn, Slow and Stun. Consumed with use.
  • Bandage heals 20 flat Health.

Bug Fixes

  • Holy light now reaches across blank tiles.
  • Fixed a crash that appears when finishing Stage 19.
  • Portals can now be bought from Shrines.
  • Restless Graves now animate.
  • It’s no longer possible to be healed by 0 Health.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when and ally dies on the player’s turn.
  • Summoned units start with 2 AP instead of 3 AP.

Learning Thai

Learning Thai is something I’ve tried to do since I got to Thailand and I’ve had varying degrees of success. I learnt some essential phrases like “Hello.” and “Thank you.” but sadly my listening skills are awful and I learn best when I see words written down. So I decided I was going to learn how to read Thai.

When I arrived in Thailand, the symbols on signs had a mystery and complexity to them that my brain just couldn’t deal with. So for a long time they were glanced at and filed under “cannot process; do ignore”.

But it’s important to persevere so I looked online for some help. A great resource for starting out is thai-language.com. It has has an excellent guide to the Thai alphabet and lots of reading exercises.

The first thing I did was try to memorise the sounds of all 44 different consonant and then some vowel sounds.

But that was boring.

So I moved on and tried to decipher some basic words I knew. I like puzzles and there’s nothing more puzzling than a Thai word. I mean, just look at this:


Just look at how puzzling that looks.

This happens to be the word for chicken. It’s pronounced gài (the à accent here is used to show it’s said with a Low tone).

But why?

This word is made up of three things: a consonant , a vowel and a tone marker.

Sometimes Thai vowels are written before the consonant they’re attached to even though they’re said after it (gah!?). This vowel is one of those sneaky fellows and has the sound ai where “” can be a consonant sound. For this word, the consonant has the hard g sound that is needed.

So what about the tone marker? Well, that little dash above the word is one of several tone markers that change the tone of a word. Thai is a tonal language and the tones are important. If I were to just write ไก, it would be said in a Mid tone and could mean something completely different or nothing at all without sufficient context.

For reasons I’ve yet to fully comprehend, when this tone marker is used with , it makes the tone of the word a Low one.

Hmm well that’s one puzzle down! Sort of. Solving puzzles seems to lead to more questions than answers! Why exactly does that tone marker do what it does? Is it the same for all consonants? Why not?

But this is all part of the appeal! I’ll keep going and maybe someday there won’t be any questions left to answer!

Introduction to Enemies – The Scorched


The last enemy blog I did was all about the Undead. Now I’ve finished implementing a new type of enemy: The Scorched!

The Scorched
The Scorched

These fellows are all about fire. If a unit is affected by Burn, they usually take damage at the end of their turn for 3 turns. However, being made of fire and all, the Scorched are actually healed from Burns!

Because of this, the Sorcerer class might have some issues dealing with them as its main Skill will Burn them and make them harder to kill.

A new mechanic is also introduced when encountering these enemies. The Smoked tile state causes any unit on the tile to become Stealthed. This means they can’t be seen by enemy units unless there’s a nearby enemy to spot them. One enemy that can Smoke tiles is the Hound.


The Smoked Tile
The Smoked Tile

Any unit that moves to a Smoked tile is Stealthed and hidden from enemy units. A Stealthed unit is revealed if an enemy happens to come close or if it deals or takes damage. So be careful with your decisions if you want to stay hidden!

Entering Stealth
Entering Stealth
  • Developer Note: The assets for the Smoked tile and skills are still a work in progress but they’re fully functional!

The Units


The Gremlin is a melee fighter. It’s relatively weak but Burns enemies.

  • Move: Travel to a nearby Tile.
  • Fire Punch: Deal Physical damage to a nearby enemy. Chance to Burn the target.





The Hound is a beefy unit that deals damage to a unit with it’s fiery breath. The breath is so intense it causes the tile behind the unit to become Smoked, allowing units to Stealth if they move to it.

  • Move: Travel to a nearby Tile.
  • Fire Breath: Deal Physical damage to an enemy and Smoke the tile behind it.
  • Consume Fire: Remove Burns from all units around you, healing 15% of maximum health for each Burn removed.


The Imp is a spell caster that deals damage from afar and supports allies by giving them a Flame Shield.

  • Move: Travel to a nearby Tile.
  • Fire: Deal Magical damage to an enemy. Chance to Burn.
  • Flame Shield: Fire envelopes the target, reducing the next Magical attack by 50% and reflecting the rest back at the attacker.


The Boss


Cerberus may look like an adorable two-headed dog-thing, but it’s actually a vicious and cold-blooded hunter. Like the Hound, it has a Fire Breath attack that Smokes a tile and enables units to Stealth. This is essential for the player’s survival because eventually Cerberus will release a devastating attack that damages ANY enemy unit that isn’t Stealthed.

Players must be prepared to take a hit and position themselves wisely to avoid this attack.


  • Move: Move to another tile.
  • Fire Breath: Deal Physical damage to an enemy and Smoke the tile behind it.
  • Decimate: Deal heavy damage to any non-Stealthed unit and summon a random Scorched unit.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the newest enemies in Jaggy Battles! As always, you can test the Beta version of the game on Android for free. Feedback is most welcome!

Jaggy Battles Beta Build 6

0.6 [19.05.2016]


  • Updated several unit assets.
  • Score Achievements have been rebalanced.


  • Added Cerberus boss! This two-head beast can be found in Stage 16.
  • Hound
    • Breath of Fire no longer deals damage to the unit behind the target. It Shrouds that tile instead. Shrouded tiles give any unit on them Stealth.


  • Added Scorched units to Unstable Portal.

Bug Fixes

  • Level Up! text is now shown when a Boss is defeated.
  • Energy is displayed on top of everything else.
  • The Looter Achievement can now be triggered.

0.6.1 [23.05.2016]


  • More powerful items now appear at Shrines in later stages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed equipped items not appearing correctly when starting a new game
  • Tiles can now longer become Smoked when clicking or tapping on them.

0.6.2 [23.06.2016]


  • Units now have 2 Max AP instead of 3.
  • Energy is now hidden on enemies.
  • Updated various assets.


  • Blood Thirst chance to grant fury is now 100% instead of 35%.
  • Fury damage bonus is now 20% instead of 50%.
  • Brawl now deals 30% damage to allies instead of 50%.


  • Fire damage has been reduced slightly.


  • Reduced heal from Fireborn by 50%.
  • Flame Shield reduces magical damage by 20% and reflects it back instead of 50%/50%.
  • Removed The Twins boss
  • Nerfed Cerberus boss.
  • New Enemy: Spider
    • Strike. Deal physical damage to an enemy.
    • Web Wrap: Wrap an enemy in web that Stuns them for 4 turns or until the web is destroyed.


  • Added new Sticky Portal that teleports to Stage 17.


  • New Achievement: Use the Pocket Owl to get information about an enemy.
  • New Achievement: Defeat Cerberus.
  • New Achievement: Attack and destroy a web.

Bug Fixes

  • Mimics now drop gold.
  • Fury is now active for the duration of ability and not just next damage afflicted.
  • Fixed the Banshee asset.

Jaggy Battles Beta Build 5

0.5 [31.03.2016]


  • A new shop will appear when the Stage before a boss is cleared. Players can buy either;
    • A full party heal,
    • 2 Shards,
    • Or a random Item.
  • Chests are back! They no longer give Shards or Items but give Gold instead.
  • How the Score is calculated has been revamped. Because of this, the leaderboard and achievements have been reset.


  • Class stats have been reworked.
  • Sorcerer and Cleric now gain +Magic, +Magic Defence, -Defence per Skill spent.
  • Barbarian and Knight now gain +Strength, +Defence, -Magic Defence per Skill spent.
  • Sorcerer
    • Passive Gathering Storm now heals the Sorcerer for 10% of the critical hit damage.
    • Ignite and Cauterize have swapped places.
    • Cauterize now gives Fire a +20% chance to burn.
    • Ignite now gives Fire a +20% chance to burn and damages nearby enemies when Fire Burns.
    • Combust now gives Fire a +20% chance to burn.
    • Fire Born increases Burn Damage.
    • Fire has its damage increased.
    • Hail has its damage increased.


  • Friendly AI is now off by default.
  • Rat King
    • No longer summons Rat Priests.


  • Unstable Portal no longer summons Rat Priests.
  • Tome of Retraining now costs 1 shard instead of none.
  • Item Recycler now costs 2 shards instead of 4.
  • Shiny Mirror now costs 1 shard instead of none.
  • Orb of Dominance now costs 1 shard instead of 2.
  • Players start with 2 shards instead of 3.


  • Looter: Changed to: Buy an Item from the Shop.
  • The Achievement Improver has been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • The Mimic now correctly spawns at the right level.

Jaggy Battles Beta Build 4

0.4 [25.03.2016]


  • Shrines and Blessings have been removed.
  • Debuffs now carry on from each stage.


  • The first class skill is learnt upon entering the arena.
  • Players can now learn 3/3 of each class tier instead of 2/3.
  • Revamped Barbarian, Sorcerer and Cleric class trees.
  • New Barbarian Passive: Fighting Spirit. Deal more damage the less health you have.
  • New Sorcerer Passive: Gathering Storm. Gain a bonus to critical chance every time you fail to crit. Reset on successful critical hit.
  • New Cleric Passive: Guidance. Other allies take 50% less damage. Can use Holy Light to damage enemies.
  • New Knight Passive: Last Stand. When below half health, take 50% less damage.


  • Rat Tooth costs 0 Shards instead of 1.
  • Unstable Portal costs 1 shard instead of 2.


  • UI elements are not a set size for all resolutions.
  • Revamped Item Screen to include choosing starting class.

Bug Fixes

  • All passives should can now be learnt when skill slots are full.
  • Enemy ranged units now can move next to Stealthed units.
  • Terminating Contract can now be used on fallen allies.
  • Pummel is no longer refreshed by summoning units.
  • Players can no longer submit a score of 0 or less to the leaderboard.


  • New Achievement: Brave. Complete a stage with 10% health or less.
  • New Achievement: Improver. Get over 1000 Gold and beat your personal best.
  • New Achievement: Flawless. Complete a stage without taking any damage.
Item Screen Revamp
Item Screen Revamp

Jaggy Battles Beta Build 3

0.3 [17.03.2016]


New Class: Knight

  • Fighter that specialises in positioning to maximise damage.
  • Each point spent gives +Strength, +Defence and -Magic Defence
  • Skills
    • Lance: Deal physical damage to an enemy and the unit behind it.
    • Shield Throw: Throw your shield at range to deal physical damage to an enemy. Bounces to a random enemy next to the target.
    • Spear: Pull an enemy to a nearby free space.


  • New Item: Terminating Contract
    • Destroy another ally.
  • New Item: Invisibility Cape
    • Give an ally Stealth. Stealthed units can’t be seen unless an enemy is next to them.
  • New Item: Item Recycler
    • Destroy all other items in your inventory and gain a new one. 50% chance to break on use. Costs 4 Shards.
  • Orb of Dominance now costs 2 Shards instead of 3
  • Portal Items are no longer unlocked by default.


  • New Blessing: Coordinator
    • Other friendly units gain +1 Movement.
  • New Blessing: Inspirational
    • Other friendly units take 30% less damage.
  • New Blessing: Time Walker
    • Your movement Skill can be used as many times as you want but it still costs AP.
  • New Blessing: Bloodlusty
    • Whenever an enemy dies you have a 50% chance to reset your Skills and gain full AP.



  • New Achievement: New Recruit
    • Complete a run with 100 or more Gold.
  • New Achievement: Newbie
    • Complete a run with 250 or more Gold.
  • New Achievement: Duelist
    • Complete a run with 500 or more Gold.
  • New Achievement: Gladiator
    • Complete a run with 1000 or more Gold.
  • New Achievement: Commander
    • Complete a run with 2500 or more Gold.
  • New Achievement: Master
    • Complete a run with 5000 or more Gold.
  • New Achievement: Arena King
    • Complete a run with 10000 or more Gold.

Bug Fixes

  • The Achievement It’s Tinker Town now properly unlocks.

Jaggy Battles Beta Build 2

0.2 [07.03.2016]


  • Heroes now level up quicker.
  • Added 5 New Achievements:
    • Kill the Rat King.
    • Kill the Lich.
    • Kill the Mechanist.
    • Find and Kill the Mimic.
    • Find 15 unique items.


  • Units should scale better.
  • Added Imp (Assets WIP)
    • Gives a Fire Shield to allies that partly reflects magical damage.


  • Changed Portal Items to correctly level the Hero when used.


  • Various tweaks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed over-sensitive scrolling on larger screens with large UI option enabled.