Battle for Jotsway Canyon Alpha 0.0.33


0.0.33 [10.01.2017]



  • The maximum number of units the player can have at one time is now 3 instead of 4.
  • The game will now cycle through 4 music tracks.
  • New Mechanics
    • A level up mechanic has been added.
    • When enough enemies have been defeated, the player draws 3 Cards from the Class Deck and chooses one to improve their character.
    • Each Card has a rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary) and a unique bonus. They can:
      • add New Skills
      • improve existing Skills
      • increase character damage and health
      • and more!
  • The Sorcerer class has been added! She comes with her own deck to draw from. The new Cards are listed below.
What to choose?


  • New Cards:
    • Common
      • Blizzard: Deal damage to an enemy and all units near it.
      • Teleport: Move up to 2 tiles away. Ignores obstacles.
    • Uncommon
      • Ignite: Your Fire Ball now has an 80% chance to Burn instead of 40%
      • Little Snowflakes: Allies now take half damage from Blizzard.
      • Unbound: Your summoned Elementals gain +1 Movement.
      • Focus: Gain +1 Power.
      • Underdog: Gain +3 Power while you have 5 or less Health.
      • Summon Elemental: Summon an Elemental to fight for your team.
    • Rare
      • Combust: Your Burns deal double damage.
      • Unstable Teleport: Your Teleport now deals damage to all units nearby the target.
      • Sorcerer’s Will: Gain +5 Maximum Health.
    • Legendary
      • Energize: Your maximum AP is now 3 instead of 2.
      • Large Chest: Gain +100 Gold. (Not fully implemented)


  • AI units no longer target Doodads (Torches, Barrels etc.)

Bug Fixes

  • Heal text is no longer shown if the unit is not visible.
  • Unit’s can no longer be healed 0 health.
  • Doodads can no longer be Burnt. [12.01.2017]


  • UI tweaks.
  • Asset updates.
Updated Fireball


  • New Cards:
    • Rare
      • Fireborn: Burns now heal you instead of dealing damage.
      • Howling Winds: Units hit by Blizzard have -1 AP  next turn.
    • Legendary
      • Warp: Teleport now has 8 range instead of 2.


  • Gremlins and Hounds are now Fireborn and heal from Burns. [15.01.2017]


  • Added screenshake.
  • Tidied up a few assets.

New Mechanics

  • Gold: Enemies now drop Gold.
  • Mulligan: Players can spend Gold to redraw Cards from their deck.

Bug Fixes

  • Animations now sync with each other once again.
  • Dazed units now move the correct distance.