Battle for Jotsway Canyon Alpha 0.0.35


0.0.35 [27.01.2017]



  • Bosses now spawn on visible tiles.
  • All other enemies are destroyed when a boss is defeated.
  • Frozen tiles now cause units on them to have -1 Movement.
  • Frozen tiles now cost +1 Move to travel to.
  • Frozen tiles now last 3 turns instead of 4.
  • Fallen units now fade after 2 turns.


  • Elementals are now Fireborn and are healed by Burns.
  • Removed Howling Winds card.

New Mechanics

  • Rage: Some units gain Rage to use on powerful abilities.

King Gloob

  • Now has Rage.
  • Gains +1 Rage when damaged.
  • At 3 Rage, King Gloob splits into smaller Gloobs.


  • Ghouls gain +1 Power when they consume a Fallen unit.
  • New Unit
    • Cleaver
      • Gains +1 maximum Health when they consume a Fallen unit.

Bug Fixes

  • Capped screenshake to avoid jerkiness.
  • The camera now doesn’t move when cards are showing.
  • AI units now move to better targets.