Battle for Jotsway Canyon Alpha 0.0.43

0.0.43 [28.04.2017]

[HTML5] [Android] [Windows]


  • The player’s turn is automatically passed if no unit can perform an action.
  • Stages now unlock a harder mode that give more rewards once completed.
  • Added a new secret Stage.
  • A new secret item has been added:
    • Potion of Healing: Heal yourself 5 health. 2 Charges.
  • The Gold cap has been removed.
  • The maximum Hero level is now 10. No cards can be purcahased after this.


  • Added a new UI mode used for smaller screens where skills are displayed on the left of the screen. This mode can be toggled on and off via the World Map.
  • Added various UI animations.
  • Updated the skill information panel.
  • Your hero’s level is now displayed in Junk’s Store.


  • Burns no longer cause Bosses to gain +1 Enrage.
  • Enemies now have a chance to drop Sacks of Gold.
  • Fallen units now give Gold if they are consumed.