Battle for Jotsway Canyon Alpha 0.0.44

0.0.44 [05.05.2017]

[HTML5] [Android] [Windows]


  • Due to many class changes, data has been wiped.
  • The tutorial has been tweaked and new tutorial dialogues have been added.
  • Added the Cleric: A defensive caster that rips the soul from enemies, creating copies of them.


  • Improved speech boxes.
  • Added confirmation dialogues.
  • Added a wipe data button.
  • General asset updates and UI tweaks.


  • Added +1 Power to summoned minions.
  • Altered the Lich fight.
  • Consume Fallen doesn’t increase Power above 5.
  • Consume Corpse now heals for less.
  • Consume Corpse doesn’t increase Health past 15.
  • The Cleaver now has Whirlwind instead of Strike.
  • Raise Fallen now has 1 Charge.
  • Raise Fallen now only targets allies.

Bug Fixes

  • The turn is not auto-skipped if there is an item visible.
  • The Lich now doesn’t gain Rage if fallen.
  • Allies now don’t drop items.
  • Items now appear above Frosted tiles.
  • The Hero now does not drop items.
  • Skill information is now shown for used skills.
  • Fixed auto-end turn animation issues.