libGDX Tests Goes Over 1000 Downloads

In somewhat of a small milestone, my Android app libGDX Tests has reached over 1000 total downloads! Hurray!

It’s only a small project on the side I did to try and learn the libGDX framework and get my head around Java and the Google Play integrated services.

But since publishing it I’ve had a few startup developers contact me with their interest and the app is sitting nicely at a respectable rating of 4.49/5.

I’m glad it seems to have encouraged some people to give the glorious libGDX a try and I hope others have found it at least a little useful in some way or another.

I hope to add to it when I can as there’s still much to learn!

libGDX Tests Version 0.6 [27.3.2014]

  • Jiggled UI a bit to help ad impression
  • NEW Hex Grid Test
    • Able to interact with hexes by tapping them
    • Bare bones currently. More improvements planned down the line [25.2.2014]

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a start up configuration issue
    • Prevented ads from showing and obscuring buttons in the Dice screen

0.6.4 [25.2.2014]

  • General
    • Code clean up
    • Unobtrusive advertisements have been added as a test and to support the project. As a result, the permissions Internet and Access Network State are required
    • Ads are not displayed during Tests or Examples
    • UI jiggery to accommodate this
    • NEW Desktop version available here
  • Tests
    • Normal Light Test
      • Touching buttons no longer moves the light
      • NEW Ambient Intensity controls
  • Examples
    • Pop Corn
      • Corns have a popping sound
    • Volunteer
      • Added screen shake
      • Added sound to Heal
      • NEW Zoom button

0.6.3 [30.1.2014]

  • NEW Normal Light Test
    • Alter distance from material
    • Alter normal strength
    • Randomise light colour
    • Randomise ambient light colour
  • See resources page for original code.


  • General
    • Various code tweaks
    • Options
      • Enable/Disable sound
  • Examples
    • NEW Volunteer Example
      • Test out various effects on Jeremy, our volunteer. More to come.

  • General
    • Cleaning of code
  • Tests
    • Fixed Camera2D Test not getting correct input


  • General
    • Added Android Back Button functionality
    • NEW Options screen
      • Toggle particle limit
      • Alter background shade
        • Choose from several glorious shades of grey!
  • Tests
    • Particles
      • Toggle between continuous or not
      • Clear button
      • NEW firework effect
      • Particle limit set to 20 by default
  • Examples
    • Talking
      • Fixed speech bubble positioning bug


  • General
    • Minor UI changes

libGDX Tests Version 0.5


  • Speech Bubbles
    • Able to change colour
    • Slight pop up animation when initiated
    • Dynamically changes size to fit screen
    • Able to add an image to speech bubbles
    • Poolable for efficiency
  • Particles
    • Tweaks


  • NEW Speech Bubble Test
    • Uses 9 patch to dynamically fit a given text
    • Attempts to keep in the bounds of the screen
  • General
    • Re-organised Screen layout
    • Util Screen
      • NEW Simple Dice simulator
  • Particles

libGDX Tests Version 0.4


  • Particles
    • Graphical tweaks
    • Option to view one continuous particle effect
  • Box2D
    • Bodies can now be touched and moved
    • Debug mode
  • Examples
    • Fish background sprites now scale correctly
    • Fish now have a rotation
    • Cleaned code


  • Box2D
    • Added sprites to rigid bodies
    • Fixed scaling issues
  • Particles
    • Existing particle improvements
    • NEW bubbles particle
  • Examples
    • Bubbles in fish tank
    • Fish can be followed by tapping them


  • Code is now available via GitHub! (though it’s not fully scrubbed and cleaned yet)
  • NEW Particle Effects test
    • Choose from several effects (more interesting effects to come)
    • Uses pooling for memory efficiency (still CPU intensive)
  • NEW Box2D test
    • An alternative to the Collisions test using the Box2D framework (will be developed as I learn it)

libGDX Testing App


This post is to announce that I’m creating an app that tests various functions of libGDX. Exciting!

I’ve been dabbling with libGDX for the best part of a year now, and feel I should go back to fundamentals.

This is mainly for my own learning but I’m going to make the app (as well as the code) public for anyone to have a look at.

I only have a pretty basic collision test ported to libGDX so far but I’m hoping to increase the test count relatively quickly. I worked from this example for the first test.

I’ve published a very rough version for testing purposes. I’ll add the Play Store link here when it’s fully published.