So, having been in Thailand for less than a day, I’ve already moved out of the hotel and into accommodation. Things are moving fast and that’s certainly a good thing. This was due to the amazingly helpful people from the school who drove me around yesterday searching for a place I liked and helped me buy essentials from the local Big C (comparable to a Walmart).

My accommodation is pretty standard but relatively new. It consists of a decent sized room and toilet and shower. There’s also a balcony with a sink outside. Unfortunately, the view isn’t great as it overlooks the car park.

The room comes with a double bed, TV, WiFi and a fridge. There’s room to buy or rent a microwave but I’ve not felt the need for one. Among the essentials I bought was a kettle and some green tea.

Because of the absence of a kitchen, I’ll be doing what most other teachers do and eating out. I couldn’t resist grabbing some Corn Flakes for breakfast though.

I did a quick video tour of my new place!

I’m redeemed! Yesterday during moving day I had two Thai meals. For lunch we stopped off at the Zon Café – a popular meeting point for the teachers it seems. I don’t remember the dish name, but it was shredded pork with rice and it was delicious. It came with a side of fish sauce which I hesitantly sprinkled over a tiny portion of rice to try and found it to be a little, er, overpowering. An interesting flavour to be sure! Perhaps I’ll grow to like it.

In the evening I was taken to try out the local street food in the old part of the town. Various stalls lined the street selling all sorts of food. We settled on one that sold Pad Thai – a nice and safe noodle dish with no spice. It came to 40 Baht (roughly 73p).

Afterwards we headed to a bar that foreigners like to go to regularly. We met up with a good group of teachers from various schools and sat around tables in the evening air. Football is popular in Thailand and the bar was showing Man United versus Sunderland. When Sunderland scored, everyone poked fun at the bar owner who had MU flags pinned to a wall. He took it well.

I had two large beers for a total of 100 Baht (£1.80) before getting dropped off by one of the teachers via back-of-moped. A great first full day to be sure.