New GameMaker: Studio Project

Birthday Treats

As a little treat for my birthday this past September, I bought GameMaker: Studio during the Humble Bundle sale. It has been great fun to learn! And getting a prototype up and running is super fast.

Having a more visual program to create games rather than hard coding everything took a little time to get used to but there is a lot of back-end tweaking that can be done through its own language called GML. I’ve not scratched the surface!

I’m creating a new game but it’s still going to be a turn-based tactics game on a hexagonal grid. For now, the name I’m using for it is Jaggy Tactics. This time I’d like to add story elements while keeping the same feel. So far, I have this playable in-browser demo.

Why the Switch?

I love libGDX but I became increasingly frustrated with getting the HTML5 build to work. This is important for gathering feedback from players quickly because it’s much easier to direct them to a site rather than having them download a file. GameMaker seems slightly less painful in this regard and distributing is quick and easy.

libGDX still has a special place in my heart and I may go back to it in the future but for the time being, I’m happy learning something new.

I’ll be adding more updates and patch notes to Jaggy Tactics as development continues.