WTF Am I Doing With My Life – April 2017

Exercise and Health

Exercise has been consistent this month having only missed one or two sessions due to the Thai New Year and apartment searching.

My current progression of the strength routine is as follows:

  • Pull Ups: 3×3-4 (Aiming for 3×5 in the next few weeks)
  • Chair Dips: 3×8 (Need to find suitable parallel bars to progress soon) 
  • Bodyweight Squats: 3×8 (Need to progress to Pistol Squats this month) 
  • Single Foot-supported L-Sit: 3×15 seconds
  • Push Ups: 3×8 (Need to progress to Diamond Push Ups in the next few weeks) 
  • Inclined Rows: 3×8 (Need to move on to Horizontal Rows soon)

New Apartment

I got a new apartment very close to the BTS and my new job! I moved in on the 2nd of May. The room is decently large with a TV and fridge but no kitchen area. Being only 5 minutes walk from the Bangkok Sky Train is a big bonus and the room is much cheaper than most of the apartments and condos I checked out.

There’s a small gym downstairs which has a weight machine, weights and cardio machines. Unfortunately there’s no pull up bar so I’ll substitute a few exercises in my normal exercise routine with ones using the weight machine and weights.

New Passport

My old passport had no room so I had to get a new one. The process was simple enough and very speedy. I had my visa transferred at the immigration in Bangkok. From my apartment, it took around an hour to get there and cost me about 50 Thai Baht (just over 1 GBP). Super happy about that! I got the BTS to Mo Chit, then the no. 52 public bus heading out of the city. It dropped me straight outside the complex. From there, I got a free shuttle bus to the immigration building.

The office was busy as I got there just before lunch had finished. The actual process took about 4 hours. It was a long day.


Feedback for Jotsway Canyon has been great! And I’ve made lots of changes. I feel comfortable with moving to Beta very soon and finally adding more stages and content. Planning things out is one of my favourite parts of the process and I’ll be doing this a lot in the next few weeks.