WTF Am I Doing With My Life – May and June 2017

The month of May has been pretty busy! There was a ton of admin to do for my visa which rippled into other areas and contributed to me getting a bit behind with things.

Exercise and Health

I’ve missed quite a few sessions recently so progression is the same. I’m using the equipment in the mini-gym as best I can but eventually will look into finding a place with a pull-up bar because I miss them and I don’t feel the machine really emulates them well. There’s a place nearby that I’ve heard has pull up bars which is about 10 mins walk from my place. I’m going to check that out.


I’ve started looking into Gotdot. I’ve recently pledged towards an in-depth tutorial on the engine so I’ll wait and see if it’s right for me in October when the course begins. In the mean time, I’d like to finish up all 30 stages of Jotsway Canyon before then so I can start on a new project with a clean slate!


My cousin visited Bangkok and I got to see him and meet his friends! We went to a Dine in the Dark which is exactly what it sounds. It was a good experience and it’s always great to see family.

I went to my first dance class and oh my it was absolutely too difficult for me. I might complete a beginner course in the future though the classes are pretty expensive so we’ll see!